Join With Us To Accelerate Indonesia's Net Zero Emission Target

We invite you to be The Part of Indonesia's Commitment towards achieving net zero emissions

Carbon Reduction Commitment

Climate change has an impact throughout the world, especially on people's lives, where the consequences are the increase in the earth's temperature. At COP 21 in Paris, there was a world agreement to address climate change by trying to reduce temperature rises to 1.5°C as outlined in the Paris Agreement.

Indonesia is also committed to a low-emission future through the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) document by proclaiming a voluntary GHG emission reduction target of 31.89% to 43.20% compared to BAU in 2030. Through Presidential Regulation No. 98 of 2021, arrangements regarding Carbon Pricing are set up where one of the efforts to reduce emissions is through Carbon Trading.


As a form of support in achieving Indonesia's NDC, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has developed an "IDXCarbon" which accommodates the needs of carbon trading in Indonesia. IDX is committed to providing Indonesian Carbon Trading infrastructure under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority, which prioritizes transparency, liquidity, efficiency, and ease of access.

If your company has needs in emission trading and GHG emission offsets, IDXCarbon offers suitable solutions to meet your needs. Using blockchain technology, we offer access to high-quality carbon trading with the best security and convenience transactions.

Why Transaction with Us?

Price Transparency

Trusted and credible trading by prioritizing information disclosure that is publicly accessed


Fast completion of carbon unit trading transactions at affordable fees

Market Liquidity

High market liquidity to get the best price


Trading infrastructure that is easily accessible to service users through innovative products and services

Carbon Exchange Mechanism

Allowance Market

It is a cap-and-trade mechanism that is commonly applied to mandatory carbon trading. Selected business doers determined by the Government gets a cap or Persetujuan Teknis Atas Batas Atas Emisi – Pelaku Usaha (PTBAE-PU) in the form of emission quota allocation (allowance) for a certain period. Business doers who exceed the cap are able to purchase carbon units from other business doers who have unused quota (cap).

Offset Market

Sertifikat Pengurangan Emisi - Gas Rumah Kaca (SPE-GRK), commonly known as Carbon Offset, are carbon units generated from reduction or removal of GHG by certain business and/or other activities doing climate change mitigation actions. Business doers can purchase carbon units to achieve their emission reduction targets and to fulfil their commitment of carbon-neutral or net-zero emissions.

Features of Trading


The government or Emission Mitigation Project Owner can sell carbon units through an auction mechanism on the Carbon Exchange. Prospective carbon unit buyers submit purchase requests at the desired volume and price.

Regular Trading

The trading is conducted by a continuous auction mechanism which all parties can submit their buy and sell offers in real time.

Negotiated Trading

Facilitate the completion of the previously agreed trades through the IDXCarbon system transparently and securely.


Emission Mitigation Project Owners can sell their carbon units at a predetermined price.